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Collaboration between CLARIN and META-NET

by Georg Rehm — last modified 2010-08-17 09:49

In August 2010 the coordinators of the EU-funded projects CLARIN and META-NET signed a memorandum of understanding. To quote the document:

The Network of Excellence “Technologies for the Multilingual European Information Society”, henceforth META-NET, established by DG INFSO of the European Commission (EC) under Framework Programme 7, and the “Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure”, henceforth CLARIN, a consortium established under the Research Infrastructures Programme of the EC, recognise the complementarity of their objectives and declare their intent for multi-level collaboration.

CLARIN and META-NET are two complementary initiatives that have identified shared interests and approaches with respect to methods and instruments in the area of language resource infrastructures concerning both technical solutions and organizational models. Both projects aim at describing language resources with appropriate metadata, as well as their sharing, maintenance and reuse. While the fact that the two projects target different user communities may call for different metadata profiles, CLARIN and META-NET envisage an open metadata domain of data and tools, based on interoperable metadata descriptions for categories of data and tools relevant to their joint user communities. The purpose of interoperable metadata descriptions is to enable cooperation, the possibility to link data objects and/or their descriptions, the exchange of data of interest to both communities and the way towards fostering standardisation and interoperability of data and tools, wherever possible and necessary.