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Blog: Being Multilingual

by gere01 — last modified 2010-10-25 20:04

Madalena Cruz-Ferreira just started a new blog, Being Multilingual, in which she wants to discuss what it means to be multilingual. Madalena thinks that multilingualism is often misunderstood and that these myths and misconceptions need to be dealt with. 

Another crucial point Madalena notices is that it is often the languages used by multilinguals that typically receive the most attention. In contrast, Being Multilingual will focus on the people, as languages do not exist independently of their users: "Multilingualism is not about what several languages can do to people, it is about what people can do with several languages."

META-FORUM 2010: Programme published

by gere01 — last modified 2010-10-18 12:48

META-NET is proud to announce the first META-FORUM conference event, entitled “Challenges for Multilingual Europe”. META-FORUM 2010 takes place on November 17 and 18, right in the heart of the European capital, Brussels.

This event will provide a focal point for bringing together Language Technology experts from research and industry, users and also providers of Language Technology solutions, along with language communities, educators and local and European policy makers. The first steps towards building a strategic research agenda for Language Technologies will be presented at META-FORUM 2010, along with a demonstration of META-SHARE, META-NET’s open resource exchange infrastructure. META-FORUM will also play host to an information session detailing important information on upcoming calls from the European Commission.


META-FORUM serves as a gathering point for diverse communities of interest to meet and discuss developments, problems and opportunities presented by the challenges and opportunities of a modern and multilingual Europe. However, META-FORUM is not just a great networking opportunity. The interactive sessions, panel discussions and the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance provide the perfect platform for you to have your say and speak directly with decision makers, researchers, policy makers and more.

Got an opinion on Multilingual Europe? Let us know at META-FORUM 2010 – Challenges for Multilingual Europe!

Interest in the conference is beyond our expectations. If you would like to participate, please register your attendance as soon as possible.