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Grammatical Framework: Summer School

by Georg Rehm — last modified 2011-01-25 18:11


Our colleagues from the MOLTO project organise a Summer School on GF, Grammatical Framework. Please find the official announcement and call for participation below.

GF Summer School

Frontiers of Multilingual Technologies

Barcelona, 15-26 August 2011

GF, Grammatical Framework, is a multilingual grammar formalism based on the idea of a shared abstract syntax and mappings between the abstract syntax and concrete languages. GF has hundreds of users all over the world. The summer school is a collaborative effort to create grammars of new languages in GF and advanced multilingual GF applications. The new grammars are added to the Resource Grammar Library, which currently has 18 languages. Applications are parsing and generation programs compiled from GF grammars and usable as parts of programs written in other languages: e.g. Haskell, Java, Python, and JavaScript. GF applications can also be run on Android phones. Moreover, the school will address hybrid systems combining GF with statistical machine translation (SMT).

Topics: Introductory and Advanced Tutorials on GF, Type Theory, SMT, Parsing and Multilingual Application Development

Registration and Contact:

Location: Vertex Building, UPC, Barcelona

Organizers: O. Caprotti, L. Màrquez, A. Ranta, J. Saludes, S. Xambó

Travel Grants: Via application procedure

Sponsors: CLT Gothenburg, MOLTO EU FP7-ICT-247914, UPC.