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Multilingual Semantic Web Workshop

by Georg Rehm — last modified 2011-07-29 12:29

Our colleagues from the project Monnet are organising a workshop on the Multilingual Semantic Web at the International Semantic Web Conference in Bonn, Germany (October 23/24):

Multilingualism has become an issue of major interest for the Semantic Web community, in light of the substantial growth of internet users that create and update knowledge all over the world in languages other than English. This process has been accelerated due to initiatives such as the Linked Data initiative, which encourages not only governments and public institutes to make their data available to the public, but also private organizations in domains as far apart as medicine, cartography or music. These actors publish their data sources in the languages they are available in, and as such, in order to make this information available to an international community, multilingual knowledge representation, access and translation are an impending need.

Given the success of the first edition of this workshop, which was co-located with the 19th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2010), we intend to continue with this workshop series. Further encouragement derives from the growing amount of research in this emerging area. In this 2011 edition we will have a special focus on:

  • representation of multilingual information and language resources in Semantic Web and Linked Data formats
  • cross-lingual discovery and representation of mappings between multilingual Linked Data vocabularies and datasets
  • cross-lingual querying of knowledge repositories and Linked Data
  • machine translation and localization strategies for the Semantic Web

The 2nd Workshop on the Multilingual Semantic Web