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CHAT 2012: Call for Participation

by Tatiana Gornostay — last modified 2012-05-31 00:00

The second workshop on the Creation, Harmonization and Application of Terminology resources (CHAT 2012) will be held in conjunction with the conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering on June 22, 2012, in Madrid, Spain

CHAT 2012 web page

CHAT 2012 programme

Every day the volume of terminology is growing along with the increasing volume of information available on the web. Efficient terminology acquisition and management has become an essential component of intelligible translation, localization, technical writing and other professional language work. The current models for finding, sharing and using terminology data cannot keep up with a growing demand in multilingual Europe. The role of terminology however is today more important than ever to ensure that people communicate efficiently and precisely.

Consistent, harmonized and easily accessible terminology is an extremely important prerequisite for ensuring unambiguous multilingual communication in the European Union and throughout the world. The planned workshop aims at bringing together academic and industrial players in the area of terminology and attracting holders of terminology resources. The workshop also focuses on fostering the cooperation between EU projects and research and development activities in the area of terminology along with sharing experience and discussing recent advances of the consolidation, harmonization, and distribution of terminology resources, as well as their practical application in various domains.

This workshop is organized by FP7 projects TaaS (Terminology as a Service) and TTC (Terminology Extraction, Translation Tools and Comparable Corpora), and ICT-PSP project META-NORD (Baltic and Nordic Branch of the European Open Linguistic Infrastructure) to continue a series of meetings that started as the first CHAT 2011 workshop in Riga in May 2011.

More information

Up-to-date information about the TKE 2012 conference and local information about Madrid is available at the main conference website.

For further information, please, contact or

Looking forward to meeting you in Madrid!

UK Research Funding Body Recognises the Potential of LT Thanks to META-NET’s Vision Paper

by John Judge — last modified 2012-05-04 10:29

The UK's  Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) recently conducted a review of which subject areas to 'grow', 'maintain' or 'reduce', in terms of the proportion of the total EPSRC portfolio. Recognising the multidisciplinary nature of Natural Language Processing and the vital role played by LT underpinning future technological development in areas such as healthcare, the digital economy, and intelligent information infrastructure, the decision was been made to maintain funding for NLP research.

This is a strong endorsement of the potential for Language Technologies and the great work being done in this field in the UK. In addition, the EPSRC recognised META-NET’s work when conducting this review. Amongst the evidence cited in support of the decision was the META-NET Vision Paper, which was produced in conjunction with our three Vision Groups drawn from R&D and Industry experts.

The far reaching potential of LT is being recognised by more and more decision makers throughout Europe and the world. By working together through META-NET and the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance, the Language Technology R&D industry and language communities are successfully helping to shape the agenda for future work in our field. The potential is huge, our impact is large and increasing, and the time for us to act is now.

In the UK, META-NET is represented by the Universities of Manchester, Edinburgh, Wolverhampton and Sheffield.

To view the EPSRC’s announcement, see: