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META Awards at META-FORUM 2013

by John Judge — last modified 2013-09-25 17:12

META Prize

META-FORUM 2013 was held last week in the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in Berlin. This, the fourth instance of the event, was another big success with almost 300 delegates in attendance. As is now traditional at META-FORUM the first day of the event closed with the presentation of the annual META Awards on behalf of the META Technology Council.

This year’s awards were presented by Georg Rehm, META-NET Network Manager and Nicoletta Calzolari, President of ELRA. Awarded this year were 4 META Seal of Recognition awards and 1 META Prize winner.

The META Seal of Recognition is awarded by the META Technology Council to software products and services that actively contribute to the European Multilingual Information Society. This year’s recipients, joining the prestigious family of previous recipients including Google Translate, TAUS, Systran, and Kantan MT, were

The META Prize is awarded by the META Technology Council to outstanding products or services supporting the European Multilingual Information Society. From this year’s short list of nominees one clear winner emerged ahead of the pack and so the META Prize was awarded to The Rosetta Foundation for their groundbreaking work enabling the global conversation in communities and social localization, making information available to individuals irrespective of their social status, linguistic or cultural background.

META-NET is proud to be able to recognise the contributions and achievements of such high level work in our field. Congratulations to all our winners!