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Europe's Digital Single Market must be multilingual!

by gere01 — last modified 2023-10-04 22:56

The European Language and Language Technology community recently published an open letter, asking the EC to address the multilingual challenge in the DSM strategy and pledge to work together to provide a solution for overcoming language barriers, thereby making a truly integrated Digital Single Market a reality.

We’re very happy that, by now, more than 3,300 politicians (including several Members of the European Parliament), industry representatives, language professionals, translators, researchers, academics, administrators, officials and concerned citizens have signed the letter.

The open letter is a response from the Language (Technology) community – including Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Data, Knowledge, Cognitive Science, Multilingualism etc. – to the EC consultations for their Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy. There is a severe danger that our field is vanishing from the EC priorities. Currently it’s not yet part of the strategic priorities of EC Vice President Andrus Ansip.

This is why we would like to ask the whole community to support our open letter, first of all, by signing it, but also by spreading the word in your networks, to your friends, colleagues, partners and collaborators. 

Another good way to help is to support our cause on the official EC DSM consultation website called Digital4EU. We posted the open letter on Digital4EU and we would like to ask you to provide supportive comments, feedback, input, additional ideas etc.

In order to present the key aspects in a short, easily comprehensible way, we prepared a fact sheet that provides additional information and figures on the Multilingual Digital Single Market: Why Europe needs a Multilingual Digital Single Market (MDSM Fact Sheet).