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A Network of Excellence forging the
Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance

Collaboration Agreement between PRESEMT and META-NET


The Network of Excellence “Technologies for the Multilingual European Information Society”, henceforth META-NET, and the STREP project “Pattern REcognition-based Statistically Enhanced MT”, henceforth PRESEMT, both established within Framework Programme 7, recognise the complementarity of their objectives and declare their intent for multi-level collaboration.

Scope and Objectives of the Participants

The PRESEMT project has been funded under "ICT-2009.2.2: Language-based Interaction" and is intended to lead to a flexible and adaptable MT system, based on a language-independent method, whose principles ensure easy portability to new language pairs. This method attempts to overcome well-known problems of other MT approaches, e.g. compilation of extensive bilingual corpora or creation of new rules per language pair. PRESEMT will address the issue of effectively managing multilingual content and is expected to suggest a language-independent machine-learning-based methodology.

META-NET is a Network of Excellence dedicated to the technological foundations of the European multilingual information society. Its main goals are: to build a strategic alliance, consisting of national and international research programmes, corporate users and commercial technology providers and language communities; to strengthen the European research community through research networking and by creating new schemes and structures for sharing resources, that is the META-SHARE infrastructure; and to build bridges by approaching open problems in collaboration with other research fields such as machine learning, social computing, cognitive systems, knowledge technologies and multimedia content. META-NET will lead to a strong language technology community with ties to other R&D communities, with a network into industry and public administration, and with visions and plans for a strategic research agenda, to support the sustainability of the European, multilingual information society.

Areas of collaboration

Both PRESEMT and META-NET are working in the area of machine translation. PRESEMT focuses on creating an MT methodology that can be readily adapted to new language pairs, whereas META-NET is focusing on various areas of advancing MT in general. META-NET and PRESEMT agree that, when PRESEMT results will be made available to the language technology community in the terms expressed in the PRESEMT Grant Agreement 248307, META-SHARE will be used as one of the channels to make these results public and accessible.

Given the above relation of the two projects, the following areas of collaboration are being defined:

  • PRESEMT will take part in META-NET events to present the current work and to create further collaborations in new application areas.

  • PRESEMT will consider using META-SHARE for distributing its resources specific to MT, in addition to its own dissemination channels.

  • PRESEMT results (data sets, tools, evaluation results and web services) will be made visible and accessible through the META-SHARE central inventory.


Signed on behalf of PRESEMT

Signed on behalf of META-NET

George Tambouratzis

Coordinator of PRESEMT


Hans Uszkoreit

Coordinator of META-NET