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Languages and the Media 2010, Panel "Technological Support of AV Media Translation including Subtitling and Dubbing"



Technological Support of AV Media Translation including Subtitling and Dubbing

October 6-8, 2010
Hotel InterContinental

Berlin, Germany


Digitisation and networked communication technology enable unlimited exchange of information at any place, at any time. The question of how the rising need for translation and localisation services will be satisfied has – so far – been unanswered. So has the question which languages will be supported at all in the European single digital marketplace.

Today’s multitude of languages is one of Europe’s most important cultural assets and it is also a vital part of its success story. One question for the translation and localisation industry is how to keep pace with the speed of developments, especially against the background of globalisation. In the emerging digital society, big languages such as English or Chinese will certainly be well represented, but what can be done about smaller markets? 

The good news is that multilingual Language Technology has made considerable progress in the last few years. Language Technology is the key for protecting and furthering the hetero-geneous group of European languages and for quick access to multilingual and multimedia content. Today, there are many software applications and products supporting automatic translation, multilingual information and knowledge management as well as content production across all European languages. 

META-NET is a Network of Excellence dedicated to fostering the technological foundations of a multilingual Europe, realising the vision of one single digital market and information space. Language Technology can help with establishing and maintaining a truly multilingual European information society that:

  • enables communication and cooperation across languages, 
  • secures users of any language equal access to information and knowledge,
  • offers advanced functionalities of networked information technology to all citizens at affordable costs. 


The goal of this panel is twofold. The first objective is to gather deficits of current workflows and to formulate needs for future improvements of technological support for tasks like AV Media Translation, Subtitling, Dubbing and the like. The second goal is to present and discuss initial future visions that will have been generated within think tanks called Vision Groups, organized by the META-NET Network of Excellence.

In the panel the initial working documents of the Vision Group's “Translation and Localisation” and "Media and Information Services" will be presented and discussed with the audience in order to ascertain commonalities across different groups and fill possible gaps in the vision papers. These visions will then be taken up by the META-NET Technology Council and worked into a Strategic Research Agenda to be presented to the EC and regional funding bodies.


  • Mary Carroll, Titelbild GmbH, Germany
  • Yota Georgakopoulou, European Captioning Institute (ECI), United Kingdom
  • Hanna Klimek, EC, Luxembourg
  • Prof. Josef van Genabith, DCU/CNGL, Ireland
  • Prof. Hans Uszkoreit, DFKI, Germany









Images: Peter Himsel and ICWE GmbH


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