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META-FORUM 2013 – Connecting Europe for New Horizons


META-FORUM 2013 — Connecting Europe for New Horizons is an international conference on powerful language technologies for the multilingual information society, the data value chain and the information market place. The two special themes of this year's edition of the conference are Big Data Text Analytics and Multilingual Web Services for Multilingual Europe. Previous editions of the conference series are META-FORUM 2012, META-FORUM 2011 and META-FORUM 2010.

Important: META-FORUM 2013 takes place at the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. There will be a thorough security check. Please remove any pocket knives, scissors or other potentially dangerous items from your luggage. Please be prepared to provide identification (passport, driver's license etc.). The conference begins at 9:15 on September 19. In order to prevent a bottleneck at the security check, please be at the venue well in advance. The registration desk will open at 8:15.



Horizon 2020 and Connecting Europe Facility (CEF): Current State of Play
Sessions on Technologies for the Multilingual Web; MT for Professionals; Services for Multilingual Europe; The Most Urgent Needs of Europe's Languages; Connecting Towards New Horizons; Quality Translation and Innovation
New Stakeholders: GALA (Globalization and Localization Association); NPLD (Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity); Council of Europe Committee of Experts on the Charter of Regional and Minority Languages
Towards a European Language Technology Platform
Invited keynote lectures by Daniel Marcu (SDL) and Wolfgang Wahlster (DFKI)
Panel discussions
Award Ceremony: META Prize and META Seal of Recognition
META Exhibition – industry and research exhibition with ca. 30 exhibits

META-FORUM 2013 will be held jointly by META-NET and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, co-organised with MultilingualWeb-LT, QTLaunchPad and LT Berlin.

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