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META-FORUM 2013 - META Exhibition

 META Exhibition

The 2013 edition of META Exhibition features the following poster presentations and software demonstrations. META Exhibition takes place in Eichensaal which is next to the Aula where the presentations and discussions of META-FORUM 2013 take place. 

    1. Tamás Váradi, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Budapest, Hungary): iTranslate4 [poster]
    2. Robert Grabowski, Acrolinx (Berlin, Germany): The ACCEPT project – Helping communities share knowledge across the language barrier
    3. Dave Lewis, CNGL (Dublin, Ireland): Use Cases for Exploiting Linked Data in Translation Management
    4. Bartolomé Mesa-Lao, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark): CASMACAT – An interactive post-editing workbench
    5. Paul Buitelaar, DERI, National University of Ireland (Galway, Ireland): EuroSentiment – Semantically Interoperable Language Resources for Sentiment Analysis [poster]
    6. Thierry Declerck, DFKI (Saarbrücken, Germany): The TrendMiner project – Multilingual ontology-based analysis of social media [poster]
    7. Kathrin Eichler, DFKI (Berlin, Germany), Matthias Meisdrock, OMQ (Berlin, Germany): EXCITEMENT – EXploring Customer Interaction through Textual EntailMENT [poster]
    8. Gottfried Herzog, DIN (Berlin, Germany), Laurent Romary, Humboldt-University (Berlin, Germany), Andreas Witt, Institut für Deutsche Sprache (Mannheim, Germany): Standards for Language Resources [poster, handout]
    9. Balazs Benedek, Easyling (Budapest, Hungary): – website translation proxy
    10. Inkaliisa Vihonen, DG Translation, European Commission (Brussels, Belgium): LIND-Web – Joining forces for a stronger language industry and employability
    11. Hans Fenstermacher, GALA (Washington D.C., USA), Kim Harris, text & form (Berlin, Germany), Serge Gladkoff, Logrus (Philadelphia, USA): GALA’s LT Advisor – Your source for language technology specs and reviews [poster]
    12. Serge Gladkoff, Logrus (Philadelphia, USA): The WICS project
    13. Kurt Eberle and Friederike Weißenfels, Lingenio (Heidelberg, Germany): On-the-fly extraction of dictionary information for MT services from bilingual corpora [poster, presentation, presentation]
    14. Matthias Wendt (Neofonie, Germany), Feiyu Xu (DFKI, Germany): Semantic search technologies for medical information extraction and question answering [poster]
    15. Pavel Rychly, NLP Centre, Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic), Milos Jakubicek, Lexical Computing Ltd. (Brighton, UK): Creating 70+ billion word corpus in SketchEngine [poster]
    16. Stelios Piperidis and Juli Bakagianni, R.C. "Athena"/ILSP (Athens, Greece), Christian Spurk, DFKI (Saarbrücken, Germany), Khalid Choukri and Olivier Hamon (ELDA, France): META-SHARE, the open language resource exchange facility
    17. Jiří Mácha, Petamem (Prague, Czech Republic): PMSE – A Generic Framework for Corpus Processing, Analysis and Visualization
    18. Bastian Enners, Doris Langenberg, Benjamin Liedtke, Nancy Radloff and Daniel Rejtö, Plunet (Berlin, Germany): Plunet BusinessManager – it's more than a software – it's your Business! Efficient Translation Project and Business Management in one flexible solution [brochure]
    19. Xianfeng Cheng, Speechocean (Beijing, China): ASR speech corpus building in European languages
    20. Horst Liebscher, text&form (Berlin, Germany): Multilingual Terminology Workflows Using Rule-Based MT for High-Quality Translation Scenarios
    21. Michael R. Alvers, Transinsight (Dresden, Germany): Enterprise Semantic Intelligence (ESI ®): a search technology for enterprises
    22. Holmer Hemsen, Torsten Kilias, Johannes Kirschnick, Database Systems and Information Management Group, Technical University Berlin (Germany): MIA – Big Data Analytics
    23. Jochen Adamek, Technical University Berlin (Germany): Data Supply Chains for European Data Pools with Stratosphere [poster]
    24. Allan Hanbury, Vienna University of Technology (Austria), Jan Hajic, Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic): Khresmoi: Multilingual Medical Information Access [poster]
    25. Christian Lieske, SAP (Walldorf, Germany) and Helena Shih Chapman, IBM (Waltham, Massachusetts, USA): Unicode Localization Data Interoperability (ULI) Technical Committee Overview [poster, presentation]
    26. Sebastian Hellmann, University of Leipzig (Germany): The NLP Interchange Format 2.0 – In Use (for Open German German Government Data and Named Entity Recognition)
    27. Philippe Lacour, University of Technology of Troyes (France): Multilingual and Precise Web Translation – the TraduXio Project
    28. Lutz Röllig, Yocoy (Berlin, Germany): Next Generation Language Guide [poster]