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Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance

META-FORUM 2013 - Programme



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Satellite event
  • META Exhibition: Expo with ca. 30 exhibits, booths and stands from Language Technology research and industry. Running concurrently with META-FORUM 2013. 

September 19, 2013


08:15 Registration

09:15 Opening Session
09:15 Andreas Goerdeler (German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Deputy Director General of Information Society and Media, Berlin) [Video]
09:30 Ingrid Walther (Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, Head of Division Communication, Media, Creative Industries, Berlin)
09:35 Hans Uszkoreit (META-NET, Coordinator; DFKI, Scientific Director, Germany) [Slides, Video]
09:45 Márta Nagy-Rothengass (European Commission, DG CNECT – Directorate-General Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Data Value Chain, Head of Unit, Luxembourg): European Research and Innovation in the area of Big Data [Slides, Video]

10:10 Session: Technologies for the Multilingual Web

MultilingualWeb-LT: Web Standards for Translation Technologies
  • Felix Sasaki (DFKI; World Wide Web Consortium, Germany) and Christian Lieske (SAP, Germany): Introduction – ITS 2.0 Bird's Eye View [Slides, Video]
  • ITS 2.0 Implementation Basket. With contributions from ITS 2.0 implementers Adobe (USA), Cocomore (Germany), Dublin City University (Ireland), Disruptive Innovations (France), ENLASO (USA), ]init[ (Germany), Institut "Jožef Stefan" (Slovenia), Logrus (USA), Lucy Software (Germany), Moravia (Czech Republic), Tilde (Latvia), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), University of Economics Prague (Czech Republic) and University of Limerick (Ireland) [Slides, Video]
  • Pedro Díez Orzas (Linguaserve, Spain): Business Benefits of ITS 2.0-Aware Interoperability CMS-TMS and Online Multilingual Publishing System [Slides, Video]
  • Phil Ritchie (VistaTEC, Ireland): Harnessing ITS 2.0 Metadata to Improve the Human Review Process [Slides, Video]
10:55 Asunción Gómez Pérez (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain): The Future of the Multilingual Web – Introducing LIDER [Slides, Video]
11:05 Coffee Break

11:30 Session: Machine Translation for Professionals

taraXÜ: Hybrid Machine Translation in Real Use
  • Aljoscha Burchardt (DFKI, Germany): taraXÜ – Overview and Key Scientific Results [Slides, Video]
  • Karina Martinez Ferber (Euroscript, Germany): Integration of Machine Translation into the Translation Workflow [Slides, Video]
  • Ben Gottesman (Acrolinx, Germany): Integration of Content Optimization Software into the Machine Translation Workflow [Slides, Video]
  • Feiyu Xu (Yocoy, Germany): Template-Based Translation [Slides, Video]
12:15 Panel Discussion: MT Implementation by Language Service Providers – Challenges and Opportunities [Video]. Participants:
  • Hans Fenstermacher, CEO, GALA (USA), moderator [Slides]
  • Kim Harris, Managing Director, text&form (Germany), GALA Board of Directors
  • Stefan Gentz, Managing Director, Tracom OHG (Germany)
  • Serge Gladkoff, President, Logrus (USA)
13:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Session: From Quality Translation to Innovation and Commercial Services

QTLaunchPad: presentations and software demos
  • Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI, Germany): QTLaunchPad – A New Approach to Translation Quality Research and Development [Slides]
  • Arle Lommel (DFKI, Germany): Software and Tools for High Quality Translation – Quality Metrics [Slides, Video]
  • Lucia Specia (University of Sheffield, UK): Software and Tools for High Quality Translation – Quality Estimation [Slides, Video]
  • Josef van Genabith (Dublin City University, Centre for Next Generation Localisation, Ireland): Towards QT21, a European Translation Quality Initiative [Slides, Video]

15:00 META Exhibition and Coffee Break

15:45 Session: Needs of European Industry
15:45 Georg Rehm (DFKI, Germany): Introduction and Overview [Slides, Video]
15:50 Indra Sāmīte (Tilde, Latvia): Developing mass market applications for crossing the language gap [Slides, Video]
16:00 Manuel Herranz (Pangeanic, Spain): PangeaMT – Empowering European Users to Communicate Through Machine Translation [Slides, Video]
16:10 Ilan Kernerman (K Dictionaries, Israel): Multi-Language Lexical Networks [Slides, Video]
16:20 Valentin Tablan (University of Sheffield, UK) and Helen Lippell (Press Association, UK): The Cloud – a Language Technology Enabler? [Slides, Video]

16:30 Keynote


Daniel Marcu (Chief Science Officer, SDL, USA): The META-NET Strategic Research Agenda – An Independent Review [Slides, Video]

17:15 Session: META Award Ceremony
17:15 META Prize and META Seal of Recognition: Award Ceremony
Moderators: Nicoletta Calzolari (Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale "Antonio Zampolli", Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche, Italy) and Georg Rehm (DFKI, Germany) [Slides, Video]
2013 Winners of the META Seal of Recognition
  • Cereproc (UK): Paul Welham [Slides]
  • Disruptive Innovations (France): Daniel Glazman [Slides]
  • Kilgray Translation Technologies (Hungary): Balázs Kis [Slides]
  • Tetracom Interactive Solutions (Bulgaria): Anelia Belogay [Slides]
2013 Winner of the META Prize
  • Rosetta Foundation: Reinhard Schäler [Slides]
18:00 Get together – End of first day of META-FORUM 2013

September 20, 2013


09:30 Keynote


Wolfgang Wahlster (CEO, DFKI, Germany): Language Technology for Big Data Analytics [Slides, Video]

10:00 Session: Services for (Multilingual) Europe – The Industry Side
10:00 Georg Rehm (DFKI, Germany): Introduction and Overview [Slides]
10:05 Aidan Collins (, Ireland): KantanAnalytics – Developing a new business model for Machine Translation [Slides, Video]
10:15 Milos Jakubicek (Lexical Computing, UK): Sketch Engine as a Platform for Providing Corpora [Slides, Video]
10:25 Dorota Iskra (Appen Butler Hill, The Netherlands): Data Collection as an Enabler of Multi-Lingual Services based on Language Technology [Slides, Video]
10:35 Marion Mast (EML, European Media Laboratory, Germany): transLectures – Transcription and Translation of Video Lectures [Slides, Video]
10:45 Guy De Pauw (Computational Linguistics Group, University of Antwerp, Belgium): Texture – Little Big Data [Slides, Video]
10:55 Q/A
11:00 META Exhibition and Coffee Break

11:30 Session: Services for (Multilingual) Europe – The Research Side
11:30 Kimmo Rossi (European Commission, DG CNECT – Directorate-General Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Data Value Chain Unit, Luxembourg): Horizon 2020 and Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) – Current State of Play [Slides, Video]
12:00 Towards a Multilingual European Service Platform. Panel discussion [Video]. Participants:
  • Núria Bel (University Pompeu Fabra, Spain) for: PANACEA
  • Hans von Freyberg (Cocomore, Germany) for: MultilingualWeb-LT
  • Stelios Piperidis (Research Centre "Athena", Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Greece) for: META-NET/META-SHARE, MLI
  • Volker Steinbiss (RWTH Aachen, Germany) for: EU-Bridge
  • Tamás Váradi (Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary) for:
  • Andrejs Vasiljevs (Tilde, Latvia) for: Let'sMT!, Taas, MLI
  • Kimmo Rossi (European Commission, DG CNECT)
  • Josef van Genabith (Dublin City University, Centre for Next Generation Localisation, Ireland) for: META-NET, MLI; moderator
13:00 META Exhibition and Lunch Break
14:00 Session: Connecting Towards New Horizons

Standing together for Multilingual Europe. Panel Discussion [Video]. Participants:
  • Hans Fenstermacher (GALA, USA), representing Globalization and Localization Association (GALA, CEO), the world's largest association for the language industry (nearly 360 members in 60 countries).
  • Sigve Gramstad (Norway), representing the Council of Europe's Committee of Experts on Regional and Minority Languages (Vice-Chair). The committee is responsible for carrying out the monitoring mechanism provided for by the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. Its role is to examine the real situation of the regional or minority languages in each State.
  • Jochen Hummel (ESTeam, Sweden/Germany), representing LT Innovate (Chairman of the Steering Committee), the forum for Europe's Language Technology industry.
  • Meirion Prys Jones, representing the Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD, CEO, Wales), a European-wide network working in the field of language policy and planning for constitutional, regional and small-state languages across Europe. NPLD includes governments both national and regional, NGO's, universities and associations; NPLD has 33 full and associate members.
  • Kimmo Rossi (European Commission, DG CNECT, Data Value Chain, Luxembourg).
  • Tamás Váradi (Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary), representing European Federation of National Institutions for Language (EFNIL, General Secretary), a forum for official institutions monitoring the official language(s) of their country, advising on language use, or developing language policy; 29 countries and their official languages are represented in EFNIL.
  • Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI, Germany), representing META-NET (Coordinator), a Network of Excellence consisting of 60 research centres in 34 European countries and the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance (META) with more than 730 members in 61 countries; moderator.
15:30 META Exhibition and Coffee Break

16:15 Closing Session: Next Steps and Future Plans
16:30 End of META-FORUM 2013