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A Network of Excellence forging the
Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance


META-FORUM 2017 is an international conference on powerful and innovative language technologies for the multilingual information society, the data value chain and the information market place.


  • Horizon 2020 and Connecting Europe Facility (CEF): an update from the European Commission
  • Strategic Agenda for the Multilingual Digital Single Market: Final Version
  • Towards the Human Language Project
  • Multilingual Technologies for the Digital Single Market
  • European Language Technology projects, platforms, infrastructures
  • Poster sessions
  • Invited keynotes


Previous events of the series include META-FORUM 2016, META-FORUM 2015, META-FORUM 2013, META-FORUM 2012, META-FORUM 2011 and META-FORUM 2010. The first funded phase of META-NET was successfully completed in 2013 through the EU-funded projects T4ME, CESAR, METANET4U and META-NORD. The second phase of the META-NET initiative started in 2015, initially funded through the EU-project CRACKER (2015-2017).

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