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Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance

Berlin theMETAnk

berlin-themetank.pngThe BERLIN THEME TANK was a brainstorming meeting dedicated to identifying and discussing priority themes for large-scale collaborative research in Language Technology during the next ten years.

The background is the need for a major joint action of research, user/provider industries, language communities and other stakeholders dedicated to the technological foundations of a truly multilingual European information society. Such a concerted continent-wide effort in Language Technology research and engineering is needed for realising applications that enable automatic translation, multilingual information and knowledge management and content production across all European languages. This effort will also accelerate the development of intuitive language-based interfaces to technology ranging from household electronics, machinery and vehicles to computers and robots for the same multitude of languages.

To this end META-NET is building the Multilingual European Technology Alliance (META). Bringing together researchers, commercial technology providers, private and corporate language technology users, language professionals and other information society stakeholders. META will prepare the necessary ambitious joint effort towards furthering language technologies as a means towards realising the vision of a Europe united as one single digital market and information space.

Berlin theMETAnk 2010

The BERLIN theMETAnk was organized by DFKI, the coordinator of META-NET, as part of a complex process toward a strategic research agenda for European language technology. It was held at an unusual place as an informal creative collective deliberation. The focus of the meeting was the scientific perspective. The outcome will hopefully serve as provocative input to the subsequent process of deriving together with industry, language professionals and language communities a shared vision and a strategic research agenda.

The format of theMETAnk was a mix of very short thought-provoking presentations of research themes and ample discussion. Three keynote lectures by Martin Kay (Stanford University), Wolfgang Wahlster (DFKI and Saarland University) and Chengqing Zong (Chinese Academy of Science) were dedicated to ideas on promising themes for larger research actions.

Welcome to the Berlin theMETAnk
Hans Uszkoreit
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Language, Translation and Robotics
Martin Kay
Stanford University
Large Scale Annotation Efforts
Nicoletta Calzolari
Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale "Antonio Zampolli"
Biomedical Text Mining Sophia Ananiadou University of Manchester
Conversations with Robots Dan Flickinger Stanford University
Verbmobil - A Machine Translation Story Reinhard Karger
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Individual Corpora Ann Copestake University of Cambridge
The next 10 Years: Personal Views from the CLARiN Perspective Steven Krauwer Utrecht University
Future Spoken Dialogue Systems: Multimodal, Multilingual, Multiparty, Multitask Wolfgang Wahlster German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
European Multilingual Information Space: Getting the User involved Wolfgang Menzel University of Hamburg
Metadata (and more...) for the Ubiquitous Multilingual Web Felix Sasaki
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
A Scientific Challenge: Defragmantation of Spoken Utterances António Horta Branco
University of Lisbon
What we are Doing and What we can do in Coming Years? Chengqing Zong
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Social Media Analysis and Retrieval Technologies Maarten de Rijke University of Amsterdam
My Vision Manfred Pinkal Saarland University
Closing Remarks
Hans Uszkoreit
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
All presentations and discussions were recorded by