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Course on Treebank Annotation



This Training Course on Methods and Technologies for Consolidating and Harmonising Treebank Annotation (Prague, 2010) focused on two aspects: the resources and tools as well as the linguistic analysis underlying the annotation schemes of treebanks. It supported the exploration and comparison of dependency-based and constituency-based annotation schemes and provided participants with the necessary skills to utilize existing resources and tools for treebank annotation and to adapt them to the revised and harmonized annotation schemes.

The focus was on the comparability of existing annotation schemes for treebanks across a number of languages. It addressed both the analytic basis and the prospects for harmonizing annotations across different languages and across different linguistic frameworks.


Tutorial Contents:


  • Erhard Hinrichs and Kathrin Beck: Tübingen Treebank Resources (Slides 1, Slides 2)
  • Paul Meurer, Victoria Rosén and Koenraad de Smedt: Tools for Automatically Analyzed Corpora  (Slides 1, Slides 2)
  • Sandra Kübler: Querying Treebanks (Slides)
  • Barbora Hladká and Jiří­ Mí­rovský: Play the Language. An Alternative Way of Annotation  (Slides)
  • Prague Dependency Treebank Tutorial: Technology
    • Jan Štěpánek: Tred Editor and PML-TQ Query Engine and Query Language (Slides)
    • Zdeněk Žabokrtský and Martin Popel: Introduction to TectoMT (Slides)
  • Prague Dependency Treebank Tutorial: Data
    • Jan Hajič: Introduction; Three Layers of Annotation: Morphology, Surface And Deep Syntax  (Slides)
    • Eva Hajičová: Topic-Focus Articulation  (Slides)
    • Zdeněk Žabokrtský: Grammatemes; Coreference (Slides)
    • Silvie Cinková: Prague Czech-English Dependency Treebank (Slides)
  • Martha Palmer: From Propositions to Event Descriptions (Slides)