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A Network of Excellence forging the
Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance


The goal of META-SHARE is to create an infrastructure of networked repositories that is transparently viewed as one global collection of resources. The following schema depicts the overall architecture of META-SHARE:


META-SHARE Architecutre


Architecture components

Each META-SHARE repository which participates in the network forming the global META-SHARE network contains:

  • A local repository consisting of its own LRs and respective metadata that will follow the META-SHARE schema as well as a local inventory consisting of the metadata for the LR stored at the repository,
  • A META-SHARE inventory consisting of the metadata for the LRs stored in all the repositories participating in the network.

META-SHARE members undertake the obligation to follow the Metadata Schema, export their metadata and allow their harvesting following the OAI-PMH standard. They are able to use all of the services offered such as LR search, access, downloading, reporting, etc following the obligations and rights stated in the META-SHARE MoU.

Existing/outside Repositories wishing to make their metadata catalogue available to the META-SHARE network but do not wish to follow the quality guidelines or META-SHARE specifications with respect to the LRs, participate to the network as Associate Members, undertaking the responsibility a) to make their meta-data schema available for mapping with the META-SHARE Metadata Schema, b) to export, if they wish, their metadata into META-SHARE metadata and c) allow harvesting.

META-SHARE will be offering the following range of services:

  • user registration, authorization and authentication;
  • resource/tool description and uploading,
  • browsing, searching and downloading;
  • LR validation, maintenance, evaluation;
  • LR archiving, versioning and preservation;
  • statistics, reporting, recommendations;
  • access, distribution and referral services including IPR and legal clearance
  • billing and payment.