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A Network of Excellence forging the
Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance


META-FORUM 2019 Brussels, Belgium October 08/09
ICT 2018 Networking Session – Where Multilingualism, Big Data and AI meet: Language Technologies for the Next Generation Internet Vienna, Austria December 04
META-FORUM 2017 Brussels, Belgium November 13/14
META-FORUM 2016 Lisbon, Portugal July 04/05
CITIA Roadmap Conference (photos) Prague, Czech Republic October 29/30
ICT 2015, Networking Session "GROWTH! How to connect languages and transform commerce for the DSM" Lisbon, Portugal October 22
META-FORUM 2015 Riga, Latvia April 27
Riga Summit 2015 on the Multilingual Digital Single Market Riga, Latvia April 27-29
META-FORUM 2013 Berlin, Germany September 19/20
International Conference on Dependency Linguistics – DepLing 2013 Prague, Czech Republic August 27-30
META-NET Network Meeting Berlin, Germany January 25
Deutscher Sprachtechnologietag 2013 (German) Berlin, Germany January 24
The Hungarian Language in the Digital Age Budapest, Hungary January 18
Language Technology Day Zagreb, Croatia November 30
Workshop "Digital Survival of Maltese: Building a Roadmap" Valletta, Malta November 24
Workshop "Estado de las lenguas oficiales habladas en España en la era digital" Madrid, Spain November 20-23
META-NORD workshop: The Swedish Language in the Digital Age Stockholm, Sweden November 23
The Portuguese Language in the Digital Age Lisbon, Portugal November 16
European Languages in the Age of Technology: quo vadis? Vilnius, Lithuania November 14
META-NORD and FIN-CLARIN Workshop Helsinki, Finland November 2
META-NORD/META-NET Sprogteknologisk Copenhagen, Denmark October 31
Human Language Technology Day Belgrade, Serbia October 29
Workshop on LT and Innovation Oslo, Norway October 15
Conference of National Programme of Estonian Language Technology (NPELT) Tartu, Estonia October 2/3
Human Language Technology Days 2012 Warsaw, Poland September 27/28
LT4RD – LT for R&D Conference Bucharest, Romania September 26/27
Multilinguality in Europe Sofia, Bulgaria September 26
Language, Technologies and the Future of Europe Riga, Latvia September 21
META-FORUM 2012 Brussels, Belgium June 20/21
META Technology Council: 4th meeting Brussels, Belgium June 19
Development of Human Language Technologies and Resources in Slovakia and in the World – 10 Years of the Slovak National Corpus Bratislava, Slovakia June 7/8
Language Technologies for the Multilingual European Information Society Sofia, Bulgaria May 2
National workshop “Máltækni fyrir alla” – Language Technology for Everyone Reykjavik, Iceland April 27
Workshop on Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Optimising the Division of Labour in Hybrid MT in conjunction with International Workshop on Using Linguistic Information for Hybrid Machine Translation (LIHMT-2011)
Barcelona, Spain November 19
META-NET Network Meeting Berlin, Germany October 21/22
META Technology Council: 3rd meeting Berlin, Germany September 30
Workshop "Language Technology for a Multilingual Europe" at GSCL 2011 Hamburg, Germany September 27
META-FORUM 2011 Budapest, Hungary June 27/28
META Technology Council: 2nd meeting Venice, Italy May 25
Vision Group "Translation and Localisation": 3rd meeting Prague, Czech Republic April 7/8
Vision Group "Media and Information Services": 3rd meeting Vienna, Austria April 1
Vision Group "Interactive Systems": 3rd meeting Rotterdam, The Netherlands March 28
Meeting between representatives of EFNIL and META-NET Copenhagen, Denmark March 08
Opening of the German/Austrian W3C Office Berlin, Germany February 10
Joint kick-off meeting CESAR, METANET4U, META-NORD Luxembourg, Luxembourg February 8-10
META-NET Course on Advanced MT Resources Prague, Czech Republic December 16/17
META-FORUM 2010 Brussels, Belgium November 17/18
META Technology Council: 1st meeting Brussels, Belgium November 16
Vision Group "Media and Information Services": 2nd meeting Barcelona, Spain October 15
Languages and the Media 2010, Panel "Technological Support of AV Media Translation" (META-NETWORKING #3) Berlin, Germany October 6-8
Vision Group "Interactive Systems": 2nd meeting Prague, Czech Republic October 5
Vision Group "Translation and Localisation": 2nd meeting Brussels, Belgium September 29
ICT 2010, Networking Session "Language Technology for a Multilingual Europe" (META-NETWORKING #2) Brussels, Belgium September 28
Vision Group "Media and Information Services": 1st meeting Paris, France September 10
Vision Group "Interactive Systems": 1st meeting Paris, France September 10
Vision Group "Translation and Localisation": 1st meeting Berlin, Germany July 23
Localization World 2010, Panel "Machine Translation Pricing" (META-NETWORKING #1) Berlin, Germany June 8
Translingual Europe 2010 Berlin, Germany June 7
theMETAnk 2010 Berlin, Germany June 4/5
META-SHARE kick-off-meeting Athens, Greece March 10
META-NET kick-off-meeting Berlin, Germany February 22/23