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A Network of Excellence forging the
Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance

Participate! Get involved!

What you can do to get involved

  • Join META – Joining the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance allows you to show your support for the goals of our initiative. It also allows us to reach you more directly with relevant news and developments, and to seek your input on matters affecting the broader LT community. Through your involvement in META, you will be joining other experts and stakeholders from research, industry and beyond in the field of multilingual LT in helping to shape the future of the field while preserving and promoting our linguistic diversity in Europe. Joining META is very simple, just fill in the online form. Please note that joining META does not entail any financial obligation on your part.
  • Conferences and events – META-NET is very active at conferences and events in the Language Technology community and in neighbouring fields.


  • Social Media – Join us on Facebook and LinkedIn for an easy way to stay in touch with META-NET and the community and to spread the word to your friends and colleagues.


  • Spread the word – If you like what we’re doing, please help us by spreading the word. META is a community initiative. By spreading the word you’re helping to grow and improve this community. In order to be successful we need to reach out to a diverse community of interest, from the R&D experts to the end users of our multilingual technological visions of the future. Let your friends, colleagues, co-workers, students, administrators and anyone else who might be interested or have an opinion know who we are, what we are doing, and how they too can get involved. With a large diverse community behind our goals META can achieve the critical mass needed to really make a difference to how LT can enable and secure multilingualism in Europe’s future.


  • Stay Informed – There is a lot happening in META-NET and in the field as a whole. Keep up to date by checking back to this website for blog updates, new developments and new items on the discussion forums.

Get involved, share your view and spread the word. Together we can shape the future of Language Technology in and for a multilingual Europe.

Who should get involved

To researchers, technologists, professionals and administrators developing, providing or using language technologies, META offers a unique opportunity to stay informed, contribute ideas or advocate on behalf of specific languages, while participating in expert discussions, working groups and planning activities that will shape Europe’s linguistic future.

Research and technology development projects are invited to join META-SHARE to access a pool of language resources and technologies while helping to plan and validate META services.

Commercial enterprises are welcome to contribute their visions for products and services, to participate in META’s planning process and to use META to grow profitable partnerships.

Schools and educators, journalists and the media, politicians, public institutions and organisations are encouraged to participate in open discussions of the vision of and way towards a truly multilingual information society.

Your voice is important, just like the language in which you express yourself. In joining META, you’ll be helping to shape the future of the European linguistic landscape.