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Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance


Human language technologies crucially depend on language resources and tools that are usable, useful and available. However, even where language resources and respective tools are available they have been developed mostly in a sporadic manner, in response to specific project needs, with relatively little regard to their long-term sustainability, IPR status, interoperability, reusability in different contexts as well as to their potential deployment in multilingual applications.

The CESAR project, as a part of META-NET intends to address this issue by enhancing, upgrading, standardising and cross-linking a wide variety of language resources and tools and making them available, thus contributing to an open linguistic infrastructure.

Partners in the CESAR consortium are key players in their respective language community with a proven track record in European language technology projects including infrastructure initiatives, such as TELRI in the past and notably CLARIN at present. The project will make available a comprehensive set of language resources and tools covering the Hungarian, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Slovak languages. Resources will include interoperable mono and multilingual speech databases, corpora, dictionaries and wordnets and relevant language technology processing tools such as tokenisers, lemmatisers, taggers and parsers. Depending on local capacities and efficiency considerations, the resources may be either made available as web services at partners' site or contributed to the META SHARE digital exchange facility.

In addition to the technical work required, great effort will be made to ensure sustainability through mobilising the LT community, raising awareness of the fundamental role of language resources among the R&D policy makers, the media and the general public.