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Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance

META-NET Strategic Research Agenda for Multilingual Europe 2020

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Roadmaps of the Field

Early on in the META-VISION process we agreed to maintain the roadmap of the field in a separate document from the Strategic Research Agenda. The SRA, as published in early 2013, is an abstract and general document, the content of which will be stable for several years. It contains initial and preliminary drafts of roadmaps for the priority research themes. By definition, the roadmaps themselves cannot be as stable, sustainable and exhaustive along the same line as the SRA itself. They need to be constantly monitored, adjusted, extended and refined over time.

After publishing Version 1.0 of the SRA in early 2013, including the preliminary roadmaps, we had one additional round of refining the individual roadmaps. They are maintained as individual sheets in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

Priority Research Theme 1 Priority Research Theme 2 Priority Research Theme 3

The spreadsheet presents the proverbial work in progress. It contains the current state of discussion in the ongoing roadmapping activity carried out within the framework of the META-NET initiative. 

If you would like to provide input to this sheet, modify certain areas or suggest new pieces of content, please get in touch with in order to gain read/write access to this sheet.