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Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance

Vision Group: Media and Information Services

The Vision Groups are a central instrument within META-NET. Vision Groups meet twice a year to generate domain-specific visions and roadmaps in the form of technology forecasts. This includes ideas for innovative applications of language technology and scenarios for the future knowledge society. The groups were assembled in an effort to cluster the relevant and most promising European Language Technology-related industry sectors into reasonably sized working groups.

    Name   Position   Affiliation 
Toni Badia
Voice and Language Research Coordinator
Christoph Bauer

ORF, Austria

Nozha Boujemaa

INRIA, France

Gerhard Budin

Universität Wien, Austria

Nicoletta Calzolari

CNR, Pisa, Italy

Jean Carrive

INA, France

Claude de Loupy

Syllabs, Paris, France

Marin Dimitrov

Ontotext, Sofia, Bulgaria

Petar Djekic

SoundCloud, Germany

Christoph Dosch

IRT, Munich, Germany

Gil Francopoulo
Researcher for CNRS-LIMSI; Director for Tagmatica

CNRS-LIMSI & IMMI, Paris, France

Tagmatica, Paris, France

Robert Gaizauskas
Gregory Grefenstette
Chief Science Officer

Exalead, Paris, France

Marko Grobelnik
Christopher Kermorvant

A2iA, Paris, France

Maria Koutsombogera

ILSP, Athens, Greece

Verena Krawarik

APA, Austria

Simon Krek

JSI, Slovenia

Brigitte Krenn

OFAI, Austria

Margaretha Mazura

European Media Forum (EMF), Brussels, Belgium

Alexandre Passant

DERI, Galway, Ireland

Stelios Piperidis

ILSP, Athens, Greece

Georg Rehm
Sergi Sagàs

MediaPro, Barcelona, Spain

Alessandro Tescari

Pervoice, Trento, Italy

Erik Van der Goot

JRC, Italy

Peggy Van der Kreeft

Deutsche Welle, Belgium

René van Erk

Wolters Kluwer, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands

Philippe Wacker

European Media Forum (EMF), Brussels, Belgium

Jakub Zavrel

Textkernel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands