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Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance

Vision Group: Translation and Localisation

The Vision Groups are a central instrument within META-NET. Vision Groups meet twice a year to generate domain-specific visions and roadmaps in the form of technology forecasts. This includes ideas for innovative applications of language technology and scenarios for the future knowledge society. The groups were assembled in an effort to cluster the relevant and most promising European Language Technology-related industry sectors into reasonably sized working groups.

    Name   Position   Affiliation 
Andrew Bredenkamp

acrolinx, Berlin, Germany

Aljoscha Burchardt
David Filip

Moravia Worldwide, Brno, Czech Republic

Piotr W. Fuglewicz

TiP, Poland

Stefan Geissler
Managing Director, Co-Founder
Daniel Grasmick
Managing Director

Lucy Software and Services GmbH
Munich and Waibstadt, Germany
Barcelona, Spain

Jan Hajic
Manuel Herranz

PangeaMT, Spain

Krzysztof Jassem

Poleng, Poland

Martin Kay
Stefan Kreckwitz
Chief Technology Officer

Across Systems GmbH
Karlsbad, Germany

Michal Küfhaber

Skrivanek, Czech Republic

Gudrun Magnusdottir
still deciding what I’ll become when I grow up
Elisabeth Maier
Chief Technology Officer
Sukumar Munshi

Across Systems, Germany

Karel Oliva

Council for Research, Development and Innovations, Czech Republic

Pavel Pecina

DCU/Centre for Next Generation Localisation, Ireland

Jörg Porsiel
Project Manager Machine Translation
Artur Raczynski

European Patent Office, Munich, Germany

Peter Revsbech

Ordbogen, Denmark

Johann Roturier
Principal Research Engineer (Shared Engineering Services)

Symantec Ltd.
Dublin, Ireland

Dimitris Sabatakakis

Systran, France

Jana Šatková

ACP Traductera, Czech Republic

Svetlana Sokolova

Promt, Moscow, Russia

Volker Steinbiss

RWTH, Aachen, Germany

Lori Thicke
CEO and Co-Founder of Lexcelera; Director and Co-Founder of Translators without Borders
Gregor Thurmair

LinguaTec, Munich, Germany

Hans Uszkoreit
Josef van Genabith
Professor NCLT; Director CNGL